Elder Tom Pierce

My family and I came to The Rock of Israel in 1991. At that time, I had been working as a Commodities Broker/Trader at the Chicago Board of Trade since 1973. I started Leadership Training at The Rock in 1997 and was involved in leadership until 2001, when I was raised up as an Elder. I was offered the position of Associate Pastor in 2004, which I accepted.  I retired from the CBOT in 2005 and later that year started work part time at Lakeside Transportation as a bus driver. Two years later I was offered the position of Payroll/Billing clerk and worked there until I retired in 2019. In august of 2021 I stepped down as associate pastor and Roy assumed the title and responsibilities. I still handle all the administrative work and I am still head of security. I have been married to my wife Marla for 42 years and we have three grown children and one grandchild.

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Elder Jay Green

Jay Green was born April 18,1950 in Chicago, IL.  He was brought up in a Jewish home.  He had his  Bar Mitzvah (age of responsibility or becoming a man in the eyes of the Jewish community) at the age of thirteen and was confirmed at the age of sixteen. Jay went to Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1968 where the seed for salvation was planted.  He graduated from Roosevelt University in 1986 with a bachelor's degree in marketing, and is currently employed in account management/sales full time.  In 1974, while attending a local church, Jay accepted Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus, the Messiah) as his Savior.  Seeking an environment where his spiritual needs would be met, Jay began attending the Rock of Israel Messianic Congregation in Buffalo Grove, IL in 1984.  There he began to be discipled under the guidance of the congregational leadership.  The Lord led him to a place of service within the congregation as well, serving as Music Director until his current responsibility as an Elder, a role that he has served in for 10 years.

I served at the OTC as an Elder from 1986 to 2003. I came to The Rock in 1999 and co-pastored with Sherman Carter for 2 years, at which time Pastor Sherman stepped down and in 2003 I resigned as Elder at OTC and became Senior Pastor at The Rock.  I have a degree in Engineering and Management from the University of Illinois and own an auto repair shop in the city. God has gifted me to serve Him in every way necessary as a pastor. As time went by, we realized I could only do it part-time, and the Lord led Elder Tom into the pastoral ministry.  I have been married to my wife Linda for 37 years and have three grown children and three grandchildren.

Pastor Ted Kirchberg

I came to The Rock of Israel from the Olive Tree Congregation, a sister congregation in Prospect Heights. That’s where I came to know the Lord.  The Jewish pastor of the Olive Tree congregation at that time led me to the Lord. I would say I was perfectly trained for this job, though some might say I have no "formal training".  When I came to the Lord I just started to read the Word, and I have never stopped.

Pastor Roy Schwarcz

Roy Schwarcz was born and raised in Metropolitan New York. His mother and her family fled Berlin, with the growing persecution of Jews by the Nazis. His father was raised in New York City. At the age of thirteen Roy received his Bar Mitzvah in the Orthodox tradition. While traveling across country Rev. Schwarcz met, for the first time, Gentile Christians who demonstrated God’s love even though he was Jewish. It was through their kindness that he came to realize that not all Gentiles are Christians. Through their gentleness and prayers, he soon came to believe Jesus was his Redeemer. Roy has been involved in almost every type of Jewish ministry since he came to faith. He has worked on college campuses, led home Bible studies, began four Messianic Congregations -- three in the Chicago area and one in Toronto, Ontario. Roy leads monthly Bible studies targeting the Jewish communities of Chicago, Highland Park, IL and Lincolnshire, IL.

These studies have led both Jews and Gentiles to come to faith and maturity in Yeshua. Roy works also serves as Midwest Regional Director for Chosen People Ministries. Roy graduated from Moody Bible Institute where he received his diploma in Jewish Studies. He has received his M.A. in theology with an emphasis in Jewish studies at the Talbot Seminary of Biola University. He was ordained through the Olive Tree Congregation, the first congregation he planted with Chosen People Ministries. Roy is married to Joanne, and they have four grown daughters, and eight grandchildren. Roy has authored the book “Where Jesus Walked”, which examines over 50 portions of the life of Jesus demonstrating how the Old Testament prophets foretold events in the life of Jesus and how they were fulfilled in the New Covenant. Each portion is considered from a Jewish perspective giving insight and perspective on the unity between Old and New Covenants. Roy also served as Pastor of Evangelism at Moody Church in Chicago. In his pulpit ministry Roy brings biblical exposition in its Jewish context. The theme in his teaching is the Jewishness of Christianity, and God’s plan of reconciliation for mankind. This is taught through studies on the Jewish Holy Days and messages that speak of God’s faithfulness to Israel and to those grafted into Israel. His teaching emphasizes God’s grace and truth from age to age.  For more information about Roy please visit www.royschwarcz.org.