Torah Service
first Saturday of every month.

I actually have a degree in Engineering and in Management from the University of Illinois and own an auto repair shop in the city. God has been faithful to equip me to serve Him in every way.

I came to the Rock of Israel  in 1999 with my family, hoping to raise up leaders from the people here and get a structure back into the congregation.  God blessed us and there were men who were called to leadership, just needing to be trained.
I worked with Pastor Sherman (who was also leading a flock in Chicago) for over a year as co-pastors and then I was asked to stay and continue to lead as the head pastor.As time went by we realized I could only do it part-time, and the Lord led Elder Tom into the pastoral ministry. We’re like Radar O’Reilly and Henry Blake from M*A*S*H.  We work well together and our gifts complement each other.


Pastor Ted and wife Linda

Married for 35 years with three grown children

Join us for Shabbat Service every Saturday at 10:15am

The Rock of Israel

Finding  Peace  in the  Prince of  Peace

Meet Pastor Ted

I came to The Rock of Israel from the Olive Tree Congregation, a sister congregation in Prospect Heights. That’s where I came to know the Lord.  The Jewish pastor of the Olive Tree congregation at that time led me to the Lord. I would say I was perfectly trained for this job, though some might say I have no "formal training".  When I came to the Lord I just started to read the Word. 

Pastor Tom and wife Marla

Married 40 years - also with three grown children